Friday, September 29, 2006

Snakes on a Plane: Doubt

This semester's theme for "Koin" (our Sunday School time)is "Snakes on a Plane." We are taking a look at the lies that satan tells us. Those of you that had "Dynamics of Personal Evangelism" I am sure are brought back to R49, sitting and listening to the day in which we discussed those lies.

I remember Toad and I took some liberties with those:

"You sin too much."

"You suck."

"You're fat."

Good times! Anyway, so each week at "koin" we discuss an issue that Satan lies to us about. This week is on doubt.

Good stuff on doubt. Trying to weed through it all to make sense.

Thomas was given a bad rap. He was the first to say, "well, let's go die with Jesus", when they were going to visit Lazarus.

Lots of people claim to be skeptics when they really aren't. Skepticism leads to a quest for the truth, for figuring out what is true. Thomas was skeptical, but upon touching Jesus' wounds, he had found the truth and he believed.

How many times do we claim to be skeptical, but that is just an excuse for our unbelief in something? Miraculous healing, speaking in tongues, etc., these are all things that we are skeptical about, but it is easy to not actually seek the truth in these matters.

I remember sitting at a Cornerstone concert wit Darin, Toad, and Brant in which the lead singer of Three Crosses had this gem to share, "I just want you to know that if you are only 99% sure that you are saved, I am 100% you are not." At which point we all started booing. Well, that's in my reality anyway.

I think that when I talk about this to the Jr. High Kids this week, I am going to use very little of that. I am not sure that they will connect with any of that. I think I am going to focus on this simple fact: I know they doubt, because they don't ask any questions.

They all will shake their heads and say that they believe. Then they go and live like hell the rest of the time. If they truly believed then they would wrestle with questions all the time, and it is when you overcome these questions, is when you actually practice what you have wrestled with.

My proof of the fact that they doubt? That they don't doubt.

It's 3:15 on a friday and I am not close to being done with this lesson yet. :)

I have missed you, sometimes.

Since not having a blog, occasionally I have missed having an avenue to write some thoughts down or just ramble about nothing. This will be that avenue for me, every once in a while I will post something, but I wouldn't expect much. :)