Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thanks God!

There are some times that God tells you... "You know, here is a little gift for you. Just to let you know that you are on the right track."

God has given me a few of those lately. Today in staff meeting, we had a discussion... on block parties.

If you know me well at all in the last few years, you have heard me talk about block parties. I have talked about how we need to be doing them, we need to be intentional about them, etc. I don't mean block parties out in the church parking lot, I mean block parties that you organize with people, *gasp*, on your block!

Today in staff meeting, one of the issues that was on the agenda was block parties. Obviously, I was curious about what they would say about them.

Currently, there are two staff members that are talking about them. Our music minister's block is having one, and our senior minister is wanting to do one. John's block does them quite frequently. The discussion today was about how to take church money and support them.

We are talking about letting them use tables and chairs for free, we are talking about using outreach budget to furnish some things, like bounce houses and food. We are talking about doing outreach with the express purpose of reaching out to our neighbors, regardless of whether they go to our church, the church down the street, or if they even go to church at all!

There have been several God moments already in the last couple weeks that I have been here. Thanks God for talking... I am trying to listen!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Here is to my guys!

Monday nights are going to be really tough. For the last year or so, I have been meeting with some dear, dear friends to argue, er, discuss theology.

These are some of the best times I have had in my short life. Joe, Eric, Darin, Scott, et al., you guys pushed me, you guys challenged me, you guys helped me grow. Thanks for making me think about church in a new light, christians in a new light, and especially God in a new light. I needed that, I am a better man and minister because of those discussions. God really was there when we gathered.

I love you guys a ton, thanks for everything!

Oh ya, and Bill, thanks for making me think about predestination all the time.

The superfriends!

I remember near the end of my Junior year of college having this dream. The dream was that a group of us guys, all brothers for several years at Lincoln, would form a team. A team of Superfriends, with the express purpose of doing ministry together.

I would do youth ministry, Toad would administrate, Lowery would preach, John would evangelize, John Hughes would do something... anyway I have made that dream one step closer. I have joined Wentz at Southside Christian Church, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Toad, we are waiting for you!

Batman was awesome! Just got back from it. I think I need to see it again! I loved it. Heath Ledger was crazy!

You know what's amazing? You never realize the depth of crazy until you remove yourself from crazy.

I am going to blog more. I have stuff to talk about!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Closing time...

It's official, my time in Newburgh is up. I have taken a youth ministry position at Southside Christian Church in Springfield, Il. My last day here is July 14th. I have learned a lot and grown up a lot here, and cannot wait to get started with a new work... in central Illinois. :)

Anyway, I am excited for what the future holds, and am at the same time sad t0 say goodbye to my many friends here.

To everyone: Thanks for all the love and support.