Friday, March 30, 2007

Hospital Rounds

I have spent much of today making hospital calls. 6 people divided by 3 hospitals all over town. Lots of fun.

I actually don't mind doing hospitals, 6 is a little much though.

I got a call for the 6th person on the road however. There was a Jr. High girl just admitted to the hospital. I went in there not knowing what was wrong with her, and when I went to her room, she was laying there reading a magazine.

"Hi, I'm SoeBeck, what's going on?"

"I drank an entire bottle of Grey Goose, and passed out."

It was an 8th grade girl who I have never seen before. She told me she was an alcoholic, and was worried about her parents sending her back to rehab.

How has a 14 year old girl been in rehab before, and is now worried about having to go back?

I mean, people messed around with alcohol when I was in Jr. High, I know. To already be in rehab though? To call yourself an alcoholic? She wasn't at a party, she wasn't with friends. She drank a bottle of vodka by herself, on her own. She obviously needs the savior, but she has no interest. What do I do, invite her to youth group? I did. She didn't seem too interested. I mean and why not? Most of my kids are trying to find out whether or not they like girls or whether or not they have the right Ipod.

Goodness. I feel helpless. Kind of all my training goes out the window with something like this.

"Father, help your child. Help her find you."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

People really don't like this guy.

Alright, this guy isn't a very good singer. I think that perhaps I could give him a run for his money, and I am definitely NOT one of the best 10 singers in the country.

However, hunger strikes? I mean, how in the world do you care about a show enough to actually go on a hunger strike over the results? I can see a hunger strike for awareness about the aids epidemic in Africa, or something worthy like, Oral Roberts raising 8 million dollars for something or other.

I guess, I can understand Simon saying he would quit American Idol over it. I mean, if you are the creator of a show, and it loses all credibility 2 years in a row by bad singers consistently doing well (that kid with the glasses last season?), maybe you've been exposed as being the laughing stock of the nation. Or perhaps you will realize that you are nothing more than a Karaoke competition and realize you don't have a lot of credibility in the first place.

Or maybe, I am an idiot.

I am excited about Bono perhaps showing up. Please let there be a U2 night, please.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lazy Sunday

No, I don't have some rap about red vines being crazy delicious! I am listening to Waterdeep right now, and life is all good!

The last few days have been incredible! The weather has been ridiculous! It was 80 here yesterday. Holly and I went to take a walk around midnight last night, and the temperature outside was perfect! This weekend was the start of spring break for our students and all evening church activities were cancelled, so yesterday was simply a lazy Sunday (I don't get those very often), and it was everything I thought it could be! :)

The tourney has been kinda lame. No real upsets, kinda boring. If Florida wins though, I will finish 2nd in my tourney pool. That's like cash money, yo!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

You may be seated.

Today was the day I married off my roomate and the church nursery coordinator. I have to say that for my first wedding, it went pretty well. There was tense moment when Darin was escorting the Brides dad down the aisle pushing his wheelchair as the bride stood next to her dad. The dad stopped him and got out of the wheelchair to walk the bride up the aisle, but Darin kept pushing him back down into the chair. Darin is a bit of a baby sometimes. Alright, that was an episode of the office, but man, you can imagine if Darin did that, right? Anybody?

I screwed up just one real noticable time. After the giving of the bride away and my prayer, I was supposed to tell the guests to be seated. Ya, kinda forgot about that.

They all sat down as one big unit about halfway through my sermon. To which I remarked, "Yup, there it is. Right here in my notes!"

It was fun. The end.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The mighty CPAP!

So, just imagine me laying there instead of that old guy. I just got done with my first night on the CPAP. I didn't sleep very well. Normally it takes me about 2 or 3 deep breaths to fall asleep. It took me at least 30-40 minutes to fall asleep with the facemask on.

Also, the lady that was setting my CPAP up was showing me the maximum pressure the mahine would attain during the night. The machine is automatic though, and it only distributes that pressure in those moments where you absolutely need it. The machine constantly monitors pressures and oxygen levels, so the machine is constantly blowing harder and softer throughout the night.

Except for mine. She accidentally set it for full pressure, all the time. Needless to say, I am very tired today. She apologized and ran over a new program card to set it right. I need a nap.

I am officiating my first wedding this weekend. I am marrying my roomate and the church's nursery coordinator. Which is cool, but I am losing a roomate. Anyone want to pay me rent and come live in my house?

Alright, peace out.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Results after Day 1

13-3 losing 1 sweet 16 team.

Go Illini!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A little help from my friends...

Brant chastized, er, encouraged me yesterday to blog, even if it's ridiculous. Well, be careful what you ask for:

My girlfriend has been in Colorado since Saturday. She is not getting home til sometime Saturday evening. I want to scratch someone's eyes out.

Although I miss my boo, I am kinda excited about the tourney starting today! Stupid CBS here isn't showing the Illinois game here... something about the Purdue game being a team from Indiana, and Illinois being a mere 12 seed or something.

Speaking of a 12 seed, there is always at least one 12 seed to beat a 5. Is this the year? Since the days of Lou-dou, I believe no Illinois team has beaten a higher seed tournament seed in the tourney. This would be a great year to start. Well, maybe. Problem is the nightmare of teams we would have to play if we won. We win the first round, and we then have to go get spanked by our red-headed step child, in state rival, SIU? That would set recruiting even farther back than it is! And if somehow we were to get past SIU? Kansas, and former Illini traitor, Bill Self. No way I want to get spanked by them! He's such a jerk, he recently said that we didn't belong in the tourney. Comon' Bill, do you have to kick us when we are down?

I have to get a CPAP machine. Ask me how excited I am about that? I think my heart stops like 43 times a night or something like that. :)

24 has been a major disappointment this year. 'Nuff said.

Studio 60 got pulled. That makes me sad, I don't agree with Sorkin's political views, but the man can write a compelling show. Sports Night was one of the best shows that no one ever watched.

Every one should watch this guy: He pretty much stole my entire shtick.

Oh man, while I am pointing out awesome you tube stuff: This made me remember why I love college basketball.

Everyone should go to this here site and listen to my baby lead worship. Click on "The Edge" Icon. She alternates weeks in which she leads, so you will have to click on different ones to find her. One of my favorites is Part 4 of Better Together. They are all great though!

My sister graduates from Nursing School in May. She'll be 27 years old! Way to be SoeYun, way to be! Gotta keep up the Song family tradition of not finishing school til the late 20's!

I am doing my first wedding next week. I better figure out what to do before then...