Monday, January 08, 2007

Memo to Bruce Weber.

Please stop killing our basketball program.

We are bad. We are playing ugly basketball. None of the players are buying in. We can't seem to land a recruit that shows signs of being a future stud.

Bruce, I love you as a coach. You have got to show me something else though! Show me you can recruit your way out of a paper bag. Show me that you can get players to buy into your system!


Sunday school yesterday was a pretty great day for my ministry. I think we may have turned a big corner.

I totally plagiarized a Mark Driscoll sermon, but it's ok because I told the students that I stole it, and really he totally plagiarized from God anyway. Anyway, I ended the sermon with a decision time, and 19 people came forward! No music, no emotional plea, just if you need to make a change in your life come forward. 9 people said they wanted to ask Jesus to be the savior of their lives, and 10 wanted prayer because of the fact that they wanted to change the way that they are.

I love days in ministry like that! Kind of makes you think that it is worth it.