Friday, December 29, 2006

I love this guy!

So, I am sick, I am on vacation, and it is Dog Whisperer week on National Geographic Channel. Let me explain why I love this guy, Cesar Millan, for the 2 of you out there that do not love him already. He goes in and basically tells dog owners the reason why their dogs act retarded is because the owners are treating them like they are retarded (not the dogs, but the owners). This interaction is classic:

Cesar: So, you have 3 dogs, and you favor one dog over the other 2?

Couple: Well, yes, we have had her the longest and we joke that she is our kid and the other 2 dogs are her pets. Is that a problem?

Cesar: So, one is human and the other 2 are dogs?

Couple: Is this creating a problem (laughing)?

Cesar: Yes. It is absolutely a problem.

Couple: (No longer laughing, kind of offended) Well, don't you have a favorite?

Cesar: No. I have over 30 dogs at my compound, and I love them all equally. If I rescue a dog, or if a celebrity gives me a dog, I love them all the same. They are all number two to me.

Couple: Oh? Well, who's number one?

Cesar: I am.

I love this guy! He totally goes off and these dog owners, but he does it with his mexican accent, and coupled with the fact that his tactics are unbelievably effective and make total sense, he totally gets away with it.

I was telling Holly that
that I think this guy is a genius and his teachings are right on so many different levels. Excercise, Discipline, and Affection. You can apply his thoughts all over the place, parenting, spiritual growth, etc. Although, that may be the many different flu remedies I am taking at the moment speaking, however.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This clip is pretty funny.

We have not learned much, have we?

Oh ya, and this movie looks like it may be sweet!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Reason #666 why I like my girlfriend...

She leaves me inappropriate messages. On the hood of my truck, in a card, etc. It's for fun (Best Nacho Libre impression there).

Today is a cool day. My friends the Douglass's come back from China today with their new daughter, Ruthanne Jing Douglass. Here she is:

Friday, December 01, 2006

Man, those chumps in the midwest...

It's snowing like crazy and freezing up there. I am glad I live here in Florida, er, crap. I hate this weather, I am seriously going to die. It is so flippin' cold and windy!

At least I get to wear my Navy P coat. Actually that is no consolation, I hate this weather!